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Whether you’re unhappy with previous dental work, or you simply have some areas you want to improve on, we can help create a stunning smile with our smile makeover services. 


I create smiles that will be loved for a lifetime using the best technology and materials. Your smile design will compliment and enhance your features for the rest of your life. 


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Repairing Minor Chips, Uneven Teeth & Filling Gaps

Cosmetic dental tooth bonding can repair minor chips or defects and fill spaces or gaps in between front teeth. It can also be a quick fix to make shorter and worn teeth more even is size and also reshape crooked teeth to make them appear straighter. Teeth whitening is recommended to do before cosmetic dental bonding.Keep in mind the resin is not as stain resistant as a porcelain ceramic veneer. If you drink coffee, tea, red wine or smoke, the composite resin material may stain over time and need to be rebonded.

Tooth-Colored Composite Resin

Get a Digital Smile Makeover

"I cannot speak highly enough of the experience I had with Dr. Brennan. She takes the utmost care in her work and is one of the few in her field who prioritize the aesthetics of your teeth, using high quality materials to get the job done right. I went in to have my two front teeth corrected due to chipping/natural wear and tear, and I literally walked out of her office with a new smile. The finished product was above and beyond what I was expecting!"

Replacing Discolored & Stained Porcelain Veneers & Crowns 

If you have previously had veneers fitted that you are not happy with, we can help. Sadly many people experience ill fitting veneers that are too big for the mouth and not subtle. In addition, over time veneers can become stained and unsightly. We can completely transform your smile, replacing old and tired veneers with a new set to create a beautiful and natural finish. We look at the face and mouth as a whole, working to design teeth that’s been specifically made for you, to create the best possible smile.

eMAX Porcelain Veneers

"I just want to say how amazing it is to live with my new smile! People at work definitely notice 'something'. But no one is shocked and confused. Fun to watch people's faces. I do feel like my inner light shines better through my new smile. I love it. YAY! I can't thank you enough!!"

Get a Digital Smile Makeover

Reshaping Small or Malformed Teeth with Veneers & Orthodontics

When the upper teeth are small this can create an unbalance in the smile. Small teeth are common, and can create gaps between the teeth and exposed gums. We can makeover your smile and improve the appearance of small teeth. We typically use porcelain veneers to create a more attractive smile, and work to add natural balance to the face so that you can smile with confidence.

eMAX Porcelain Veneers

Get a Digital Smile Makeover

"My natural teeth were extremely small and I struggled to show my teeth with a smile. I thought slapping veneers on would fix all of my problems, but after consulting with Dr. Brennan, I realized that it would not. After the braces came off, I only needed 4 veneers on the top front teeth. I still cannot believe the amazing transformation of my smile!”

Restoring Worn & Eroded Teeth with Ceramic Crowns

Over the years, the teeth can become eroded and start to deteriorate. For some this might be unavoidable and in your genetic makeup. Enamel is the outer layer of the teeth that protects the teeth from everyday wear and tear. Acid can wear away the enamel though, which can be caused by things like excessive soft drink and fruit juice consumption and acid reflux. In addition, grinding your teeth can wear away the enamel and your genetics can play a role here too. Uneven teeth can be unsightly and may make you self-conscious about smiling. We can create an even smile, working to improve deteriorating teeth and balance any enamel erosion, for a neat and symmetric smile.

eMAX Ceramic Crowns

"My experience with Dr Brennan was awesome. She was as concerned if not more than I was with the outcome. Dr Brennan gave me my smile back, and that was worth every penny . She is simply the best."

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Replacing Dark Crowns with Whiter Ceramic Crowns

In many cases, crowns look obviously like crowns, are unattractive and unsubtle. Dr. Myra Brennan can replace your old crowns to create a smile that looks completely natural. We can replace your existing crowns and fillings to provide you with a smile you feel confident about. We work to create crowns that are completely undetectable, and that compliment your teeth perfectly for a natural and attractive smile. The end result is a complete smile, a functional bite and a smile that you can be proud of.

Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

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 "Dr. Brennan is amazing! For years I was disappointed with crown work performed by my dentist on my front teeth. Going in, I was really hoping to improve my smile, but the results absolutely exceeded my expectations. I read elsewhere but have to agree...she really is a perfectionist. I couldn't be happier with my new smile, and Dr. Brennan has a patient for life."

Replacing Missing Front Teeth with Dental Implant Crowns 

Losing teeth, especially your front teeth, can be upsetting and distressing, and may even stop you from smiling. We can help you achieve a beautiful smile once again, by replacing missing teeth to create a natural finish. We take into account your facial structure, tooth shape and colour, and put together a plan that will provide you with the best possible smile. This can include dental implants, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening. We look at the smile as a whole to provide you with a natural looking smile that you can be proud of.

Dental Implant Crowns

"Dr. Brennan is the absolute best! She is truly a perfectionist and takes her time to make sure everything is perfect! She really cares about the patient and treats every problem as if it were in her own mouth! If you need any cosmetic work, IcuSmile Specialty Clinic is the place to be!"

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Replacing All Teeth with a Permanent Fixed Implant Bridge

My focus is always on creating the most naturally beautiful smile possible delivering the best long term solutions for complex dental problems to create a smile you can feel confident about. Treatment solutions for having teeth with dental implants can be confusing. We work with teams of specialists that will give you the very best options and be present to help you care for your new teeth throughout your life. We also specialize in treating complications related to dental implants and improving the appearance of the teeth visible in your smile.

Fixed Ceramic Implant Bridge 

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"I have to say the teeth feel great. Thank you so much for all your time and patience with me, thank you for creating such a beautiful smile and for making my quality of life so much better! I can eat raw carrots now!"

Replacing All Teeth with a Removable Implant Denture

Over the years we have fine tuned and perfected our service to provide our clients with the very best treatment. Dentures on implants can replace both the gum tissue and teeth that have diminished over time. It can also be easier to care for your dental implants as you grow older. We have a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of the facial structure, which enables us to create balance for a perfect smile. Whether you’ve suffered poor dental work in the past, or you want to improve your natural smile, we create results to help you feel happy and confident.

Removable Implant Denture 

"After my treatment with Dr. Brennan, I can now appreciate what she does is not simply just dentistry, but it is truly an art and gift to create a beautiful smile for each person."

Get a Digital Smile Makeover

High Quality Materials and Certified Dental Laboratories 

Widely known as the best cosmetic dental specialist in Boston's South Shore and Cape Cod area, I'm a perfectionist when It comes to creating your smile design.

I only accept the highest quality standards in our materials to create a smile you’ll love for a lifetime, which means I work with the best ceramists, laboratories, and dental surgeons to create beautiful teeth and dental implants. 

Advanced Dental Technology 

Cosmetic dentistry is art, science, and engineering rolled into one. My technology seamlessly allows us to create a smile prototype for you to try before we create your final smile. 

Uncompromising, Elevated Patient Care 

You’ll never leave my office without perfect teeth! Our patient process is luxurious. From the moment you walk into my office, you and your teeth will be treated with the utmost care and concern at every step. 

Gorgeous Results for a Lifetime 

My process focuses on creating a flawless finish that compliments your facial features so you love your smile now and in the future.