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I offer cutting-edge technology, high-touch care, and an easy process for you and your patients. 

I make the process easy, simple, and painless for you and your patients.  

Let's Make Your Life Easier 

It can be overwhelming to have a patient who isn't the right fit for you and your services, but it can also be frustrating to know who to trust when it's time to bring in a prosthodontist. 

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and that includes working closely with colleagues like you to make the process simple for all involved. 

Whether you're dealing with a single front tooth or an entire smile design, I can help. 

I take a white-glove approach to my patient care


Simplify Your Job with a Prosthodontist on Your Team

Have a patient who isn't a great fit for your office? Give me a call and let's connect.


You can either make an introduction or send them my way for a consultation. 


Your patient is in good hands. I'll be in close contact with you along the way so it's a smooth transition back to your practice. 


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What They Are Saying...

"Thank you Myra for the confidence in my smile. I lived with being very overly conscious of my teeth. I have had extensive expensive work done over the years, and after working with you my smile is bright and stunning! I get more compliments on my smile and I find myself purposely walking around smiling! After years of hiding my teeth, I am now celebrating them! The process was comfortable and not as lengthy as I first imagined it would be."

- Doreen M.